The original first Stickerbomb, 2008.

What is Stickerbomb?

Back in 2008 we started a book series called Stickerbomb on Laurence King Publishing where we did artist callouts from around the world and curated the work and made stickerbooks. Over the years we expanded to do more books, more themes, content, events and even had a gallery.

Today we are in the midst of refocusing and refreshing what we are about and going back to what we know and love, books and art.

Who is Stickerbomb?

Stickerbomb is Ryo Sanada (Rios) and me, Suridh Das-Hassan (Shaz).

We run a creative studio called SRK which we started in London, UK where we made films, documentaries and commercials and then moved everything to South-east Asia. With that chapter of life closed, Suridh is back in London and Ryo is in Brussels where we work on Stickerbomb continuing to make films.

What’s this newsletter about?

We’ll be updating you on the books we are making, the collaborations and artist callouts, freebies and giveaways plus we’ll be using this newsletter as a way of keeping in touch and keeping a conversation going.

Collage of some of the random Stickerbomb stuff over the years!

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Stickerbomb is Shaz and Ryo - art book publishers who also double up as a director producer team.