#007 ⤑ Summer is coming, Stickerbomb 4 submissions are closing and fresh freebies!

GIVEAWAY: Graffiti Asia and lots of stickers


Orkibal x Stickerbomb, Barcelona 2022

Dear Crew,

With summer incoming, we are preparing to take a bit of time off, mainly because we’ve had a hectic year rebuilding Stickerbomb and launching our new publishing business Soi Books. A summer to recharge our batteries, rest and re-coup feels like the right thing to do. ☼ ☼ 

So give us a few days before we can get back to any enquiries and anything bought or ordered from our site after July 3rd will not be processed and sent out till we return - the 15th August. This includes our July giveaway which is a copy of Graffiti Asia and a bunch of stickers - more info below.

Otto Free Mind

We recently had a chat with Italian artist Otto Free Mind about his imaginary world of advertising and living and working in the historical town of Bergamo. He also features in our next Stickerbomb book.

Read the full article right here.

Stickerbomb 4 - Submissions Closing Soon!

Pro Heroes from Greece

We have had a great response to our latest callout and very happy to share a few more designs.

Bigups Proheroes, Il Clod from Art Of Sool and Ian Mutch.

Please note, submissions will be closing very soon so get your designs in to us as soon as you can so we can start laying the book out.

Iclod from Italy’s Art Of Sool Crew
Ian Mutch From Australia


For our July giveaway we have a copy of Graffiti Asia and around 20 stickers from our archive. That’s a lot of goodies - just remember, we won’t be able to send out to winners till the middle of August as we are away.

To enter our July Giveaway please let us know the answer to this question:

If you could travel to any city to illustrate, paint, draw or even take pictures, where would you go and why?

The winner will be randomly drawn and notified. This giveaway is for Stickerbomb Substack subscribers only. 

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Recent Winners!

Major bigups to Felipe Novoa Romero who recently won our June giveaway competition. We got x2 teeshirts on their way to you right now. Feel free to take pictures, share away :)